At Madina Quran Institute Online Classes, our top priority is to provide quality assurance in Quran teaching. We understand that many parents are not familiar with what makes a good Quran teacher or the process of online Quran teaching, which is why we have implemented the following procedures to ensure the best learning platform for you and your kids.

Firstly, our teachers are graduates from recognized institutes/universities with complete knowledge of Tajweed and the best recitation techniques. They are also well-trained, and we hire experts to provide additional training to ensure they can deliver the best quality classes possible.

Secondly, all of our classes are recorded to ensure quality assurance. These recordings are listened to by experts who evaluate each class to ensure maximum effort was put into delivering it.

Thirdly, our Tajweed experts and quality assurance staff conduct monthly tests to evaluate each student’s recitation status and identify any shortcomings. Teachers then work on these reports to monitor improvement through the process.

Lastly, we compare monthly reports to track improvements in learning and ensure that our students are progressing effectively.

Our team at Madina Quran Institute is dedicated to delivering maximum quality Quran classes online. We believe in providing a safe and supportive learning environment that allows students to grow and excel in their Quranic studies.

Quran learning quality guarantee at Madina Quran Institute