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 We are accepting the online Quran learning fees in five currencies now: USD, CAD, GBP, Euro and AUD. If you are not in these five, you can still ask us the options of fees for you as well.  You can choose the following schedules or a customized schedule as well which is not mentioned here. Weekend classes are possible as well with the same rate ratio. Choose your best-suited per-week plan below and then go for the free trial lesson for that. You can choose any of the following plans.


If two or more siblings are enrolled simultaneously as full-time students at Madina Quran Institute, in the same course, a tuition discount will be granted to the students as follows: Five (5%) percent tuition discount for the 2 siblings; Ten (10%) percent tuition discount for the 3 sibling; Fifteen (15%) percent tuition discount for over three (3+) sibling.


Please contact us for customized plans. We will Inshallah try our best meet your needs. Fees are charged on a monthly basis and taken in advance after you finished the trial classes and at the time of joining the regular classes. Scholarship programs are available for deserving candidates. Monthly fees include twice a year Eid Holidays are included. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.

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