Online live 1 to 1 learning

Online Quran Institute in USA: One student and one teacher interact directly during a one-to-one internet live class.One-to-one instruction creates a more interactive and distraction-free environment than a classroom full of other students. The goal of One-to-One Learning is to offer the greatest academic screening and tutoring services.

Since 1991, the One-to-One Learning Center has improved kids’ learning abilities.With over twenty years of experience, we are committed to your child’s success. Our main goal is to support kids of all ages and learning styles in their skill development.

One-on-one teaching occurs when an educator provides individualized education to students. This individualized time enables teachers to give differentiated teachings based on the student’s individual needs.

Learn Quran online from Home

Children enjoy studying the Quran online because they enjoy technology, and the flexibility of studying the Quran online allows them to fit their religious studies into their schedule at any time.

We now have a novel and comprehensive method for imparting the lessons and verses of the Quran to Islamic students worldwide due to modern technology. Our online Quran instructors currently help students in about 90 different countries, and one of our specializations is providing online Quran instruction for children with an emphasis on Tajweed at your home.

The online Quran uses the most cutting-edge technology of the twenty-first century to deliver the lessons of the Holy Quran into the security and comfort of your own home. Along with your kids, you may teach them how to recite the Quran with Tajweed just as efficiently as you can face-to-face through interactive online classes led by knowledgeable and respected experts at home.You will receive guidance from qualified and experienced masters of Tajweed and Tarteel on how to recite the Quran with attention and correct pronunciation.

Basic Quran Reading Course

For those who are able to read the Quran, we offer one-to-one online sessions that begin with the Arabic alphabet. Insha’Allah, this course enables the children to acquire knowledge.

Course Overview

The “Basic Quran Reading Course for Kids” is especially made for children who are either beginning readers of the Quran or who already know some of the basics. Kids are able to sign up for this course between the ages of 5 and 18. Your child will be able to read the Holy Quran with perfect pronunciation according to the course.

Course Objectives

  1. to be able to accurately read the Holy Quran 
  2. To learn the Quranic recitation in accordance with Tajweed rules.
  3. To memorize each of the last twenty Surahs of the Holy Quran
  4. Learn knowledge of important Islamic principles (prayers, cleanliness,  Daily duas).

Syllabus Content

The following are included in the “Basic Quran Reading Course for Kids”:

Noorani Qaida (Spelling and Sound Learning)

The Noorani Qaida (Elementary Book) defines where the course starts. It’s a little booklet with an impressively high success rate that was created especially for beginners.

 This little booklet contains all the fundamental guidelines required for reciting the Holy Quran, starting with the Arabic alphabet.The entire Noorani Qaida curriculum was developed in accordance with Tajweed regulations

Reading Quran

After ensuring that the student has learned the perfect pronunciation of the letters and words upon completion of Noorani Qaida, the tutors encourage them to move to the next level and start Quran reading. 

When the students are able to read the entire Holy Quran accurately, the second stage is repeated.

Basic Islamic Teaching

This is the additional material for the “Kids’ Basic Quran Reading Course.” The name of it is “Basic Islamic Teachings. ”This section will teach your children about cleanliness, how to offer prayers, the meaning of fasting, daily duas, kalimas, and other topics.

Detailed analysis of the lessons

A student may take two, three, four, or five classes in a week. Every class continues for thirty minutes and is divided into three sections:

  1. The first twenty minutes of the class are allotted to teaching students how to read the Quran. 
  2. The next five minutes are allotted to memorise short Surahs from the Holy Quran.
  3. The final five minutes of the class are allotted to reviewing fundamental Islamic principles. 

Basic Quran Reading classes online 

The basic Quran reading course will teach you the fundamentals of Quranic reading, including pronunciation, articulation, and other rules. 

Many Muslims find it difficult to give as much time to studying the Quran as they would want due to their modern-day duties. This is the reason we provide so many options for learning the Quran online, which you can customize to fit your schedule, interests, and particular method of instruction. We provide a variety of classes that can fit into even the busiest schedules, providing an atmosphere of Quran worship.

Beginners should begin by reading the Quran’s lesser surahs, or chapters. Surahs like An-Nas, Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas, and Al-Falaq are great places to start.These shorter surahs include the fundamental ideas and principles of Islam. 

Basic Quran learning for children 

 We’ve committed ourselves to creating the best strategies for teaching children how to correctly read and recite the Quran, complete with interactive online resources that make learning the Quran more approachable.

We created special techniques to make these classes 100% successful and results-oriented in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The following are some special methods for children to acquire the basic concepts of the Quran. 

  • Engaging Quranic Lessons 
  • Easy online learning of the Quran 
  • Learn Arabic with a Smooth Transition between Lessons 
  • Engaging Courses to Teach You to Read the Arabic Quran 
  • Mirror Practice for Fluent Quran Reading 
  • Basic Knowledge of the Quran through Audio and Video 
  • Repeating Online Quran Instruction for Students 
  • Daily Repetition of Previous Quranic Lessons 

Our goal is to improve the lives of Muslims by providing an accessible and reasonably priced way for children and adults to conveniently learn the Qur’an online through online classes. The Quran’s lessons convey the most satisfaction to Muslims who have achieved a complete and deep learn of the verses through Tajweed and Tarteel.