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One teacher teaches one student at a time in the live Quran classes method at online Quran Classes in Ontario delivering individual focus for improved learning.

if you choose Madina Quran Institute You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re an Ontario resident looking to learn the Holy Quran. Online Quran Academy is available to teach Online Quran Classes in Ontario to help you in precisely, fluently, and successfully reading, reciting, and memorising the Quran online. 

Indeed, becoming knowledgeable about Islam and the Quran is every Muslim’s fundamental duty. Unfortunately, though, a lot of Muslims in Ontario are either too busy or unable to visit the Quran centre. Because of this, one-on-one online Quranic instruction is growing in popularity there. In order to save time, money, and inconvenience, people now prefer to study the Quran online. 

Learn Quran online from Home

 Why Do You Need Online Quran at home?

The main reason people look for an online Quran academy in Ontario is the distance, time, and gasoline needed to get to mosques and Islamic centres. Additionally, parents do not want their kids to study the Quran by themselves. As a result, they would rather turn to an online Quran Academy for assistance when teaching their children the holy Quran at home.

Numerous students have informed us that they chose our online Quran academy because there was no nearby local Quran centre available to them. And they are now happy to study the Quran with us virtually.

The second problem that parents in Ontario have is that they work too much to have time to take their kids to the Islamic centre by themselves. Time is also another important factor in this regard. 

People in Ontario are excited about a scheduling-flexible online Quran academy. Because of their hectic schedules, they wish to study Islam and the Quran on their own terms.

For more than ten years, we have provided Quran and Islamic teaching services in Ontario and around the world. Our team comprises proficient Qaris, Qarias, Huffaz, Mawlanas, and Quran Mualims who assist pupils in effectively reciting and internalising the sacred Quran. 

Basic Quran Reading Course

The largest online study platform for the Quran, Quran Focus, may help you if you or your kids need online Quran instruction. Let’s examine the Quran learning programs we provide:

  •   Noorani Qaida Course for Kids and Beginners
  •   Quran reading with tajweed
  •   Online Quran Memorization Class
  •   Online Translation Courses
  •   Islamic Studies


Noorani Qaida Course for Kids and Beginners

Furthermore, the Naskh script—a simplified form of Arabic writing that is simpler for novices to learn—is used in the Noorani Qaida. The Quran and other Islamic writings are commonly written in Arabic using the calligraphic Naskh script, which is popular throughout the Islamic world.

The Noorani Qaida is a teaching tool in addition to a book. To educate students how to read and recite the Quran, teachers utilise the Noorani Qaida as a guide. The pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary norms of Arabic are explained in the book. It is also used to instruct pupils in Tajweed, the correct style of reading the Quran, and how to read and recite the text. 

 Quran Reading with Tajweed

The phrase “Quran with Tajweed” describes how the Quran should be recited correctly, following all pronunciation and intonation guidelines. The Arabic word “tajweed” means “to make better” or “to improve.” It is a crucial component of Quranic recitation since it guarantees accurate word pronunciation and intonation throughout the recitation.

Acquiring the skill of reciting the Quran with Tajweed is a crucial aspect of Islamic education, and it is advised that all Muslims acquire this ability. Tajweed classes are available online and at many Islamic centres for anyone who wishes to get better at reciting the Quran. 


Online Quran Memorization class

Once you realise how sacred it is to memorise the Quran, you must enrol online Quran Classes in Ontario with Madina Quran Institute . One of the best Quran memorising courses is offered by Easy Way to Quran, a renowned online Quran academy for Quran learning. The outcomes we offer are a direct reflection of the hard work that our national and international tutors have put in. It is appropriate for you and your kids to take our Quran memorization course.

All are welcome to enrol in online Quran Classes in Ontario with Madina Quran Istitute , and both male and female tutors are eager to help. We also emphasise memorising the Quran via tajweed, which guarantees accurate pronunciation of the verses in the Quran. When you miss recite a passage from the Quran, our teachers will correct you right away.

Online Translation Courses

What will students learn in the Quran Translation Course?

  •  The Quran’s translation into Urdu is taught to the pupils in this course.
  • They’ll comprehend the meanings of fundamental Arabic.
  • They will comprehend the guidance that Allah has given to humanity.
  • Through interpretation, they will discover the true meaning of their existence. 

Students who complete this course are able to comprehend the true meaning of the Quranic verses. Equip yourself by learning the Qur’an from knowledgeable and experienced Quran tutors. 

Islamic Studies

What will children learn in Islamic Studies for Kids Course?

Youngsters will gain a basic understanding of Islam, including the following: 

  • Basic Aqa’id: Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah.
  •  Five Pillars: Hajj, Zakat, Shahadah, Prayer, and Fasting.
  • ·Faith: Iman-e-Mufassal & Iman-e-Mujmal, our beliefs (ایمان).
  •  Taharah: Ghusal, Wudhu. When and how to obtain different types of Taharah (purification).
  •  Salah (Namaz) Instruction: Value of Salah, Five-Time Prayer Practice (Azaan, Prayer Names and Timings, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat, and Nafal prayers). Jumuah, funeral, and Eid prayer procedures.
  •  Duas: broadening one’s knowledge, consuming milk, gazing in the mirror, going inside after sneezing, and numerous other aspects of daily existence.
  • Hadith: Forty well-known Ahadith.
  • Memorization exercises include the last twenty Surahs of the Holy Quran, the Six Kalimas, Ayah-tul-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot, Islamic months, and more.
  • Manners: Eating, drinking, sleeping, sneezing, giving thanks, and other actions in daily living.

The names and attributes of Allah, the names of angels and prophets, ta’awwuz, tasmiyah, kalimaat, supplications, the names of prayers, cleanliness, good and bad deeds, and fundamental manners will all be covered for younger pupils as they study fundamental aqa’id.

Children seven years of age and older would be required to learn about Islam, Emaan, Ablution (Wudu), Ghusal, Prayers, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat, Hadith, Sunnah, Islamic Manners, and the lives of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sahaba and Seerah (صَلََّ اللفُ تَعَالٌٰ عَلٌَْفِ وَاٰلَِٖ وَسَلَّمَ). Strengthening the bond between the Muslim and Allah, along with loving the Prophet Muhammad ((صَلٌَّ اللفُ تَعَالٌٰ عَلٌَْفِ وَاٰلِفٖ وَسَلَّمَ)) and his companions, shall be prioritised by our educators.

The Islamic Studies for Kids course is available as a stand-alone regular course or as a foundational course that can be taken in conjunction with all other courses. 

Basic Quran reading classes Online

Online Quran Academy provides Islamic studies, Arabic language instruction, Tajweed, Noorani Qaida, Tafseer, and online Quran classes all from the convenience of your home. Our mission is to improve the lives of Muslims by offering an easy and affordable way for kids and adults to learn how to read the Quran online. The highest quality virtual Quranic academy with a wealth of knowledge in Quranic instruction, we take great satisfaction in our contented global student body. Our main concern is Muslims who struggle to become proficient at reciting the Quran with Tajweed. We are aware of the difficulties in locating a qualified Quran instructor and in entrusting children’s Quranic education to mosques or other Islamic establishments. 


Online Quran learning classes for children

To learn the Quran, children must pay close attention and focus on their online sessions. As a result, they choose dynamic and captivating teaching techniques that pique students’ curiosity and inspire a desire to understand the holy Quran.

The tutors of the Quran, both men and women, work very hard. They have received extensive training in how to engage with children and impart the holy Quran to achieve the most amazing results. Quran Focus is always available to assist you or your children in your quest for online Quran education. 

Get in touch with us if you want to learn the Holy Quran and you live in Ontario. We are here to give you comprehensive advice on how to use us to study the Quran online. Furthermore, we’ll go over how to maximise the benefits of your online Quran courses.

In the USA, Kids Quran online classes are provided by Easy Way to Quran. People who live abroad, particularly in non-Muslim nations, find it difficult to locate the most capable Quran tutors and to find the time to drop their children off at Islamic Centers for Online Quran Classes for Kids. However, thanks to the internet, they and their children can now study the Quran online while lounging at home.