Online live 1 to 1 learning

The greatest substitute for traditional online learning in New York is the  Madina Quran Institute .We are busy spreading the teachings of Islam online to every corner of New York. Being a top Quran Academy, we provide Muslims in New York with a well-run online Quran instruction service that they can use at home.A single student can receive complete focus from a one-to-one online tutor. Your children are encouraged to study the Quran online with Tajweed by our Quran tutors.Both male and female tutors are hardworking and understand how to interact with students in a polite manner to achieve the best results. 

Many Quran tutors provide Quran tutoring services in New York based on their schedules and preferences, but our primary goal is to provide Quran instructors based on your needs. 

We make every effort to provide our pupils with qualified and experienced Quran instructors. Our goal is to provide our Quran tutors with high-quality instruction.

     Male Quran Teachers: For the Quran and fundamental Islamic teachings, male Quran instructors for boys and men can be found online in New York. They are capable of professional communication and online Quran instruction. 

     Female Quran Teachers: For the Quran and fundamental Islamic teachings, female tutors for girls and ladies can be found online in New York.If you are lacking in reading Quran with tajweed and you are looking Quran tutor online with a female tutor in New York, then do let us know. We will arrange for a certified female Quran tutor to tutor you. We will arrange for a certified female Quran tutor to you. We promote quality education and seek to provide experienced and educated female teachers for our sisters.


 Learn Quran online from Home

 Online Islamic courses are becoming more and more popular among the Muslim community in New York, where there are a lot of Muslim residents. Nowadays, most people would rather study the Quran from home using internet platforms. 

The main reason New Yorkers learn the Quran online is because mosques and Islamic centers are far from their homes. Parents do not want their children to be out alone. One of our students said to us, “I looked for an online Quran tutor because I couldn’t find a local Quran teacher near me.I am now completely at ease and content with Quranic Tutor and online Quran studies.”

The second reason that parents in New York encounter is that they are unable to take their children to the Islamic Center by themselves due to their jobs.Our city of New York also faces the challenge of time management.

People in New York look forward to services that provide flexible scheduling and allow them to learn Quran and Islam on their own time at home. 

Basic Quran Reading Course

Online Quran Academy offers different courses that are ideal for you New Yorkers.For each course, we offer qualified online Quran tutors who specialize in that particular subject. As a result, you will have nothing to worry about. The following are the basic courses that Online Quran Academy offers: 

  •        Basic Noorani Qaida Course
  •        Quran with Tajweed Course
  •        Quran Memorization Course 
  •        Quran Translation Course 
  •        Islamic Studies for kids Course

Basic Noorani Qaida Course Online

About  Basic Noorani Qaida Course

About the Noorani Qaida Course,our tutors teach the Noorani Qaida Course, which is a fundamental course based on the syllabus. It is the initial stage for beginners to learn the Quran. You can’t correctly recite the Holy Quran unless you first learn the basic guidelines. 

This course begins with an introduction to the basic Arabic alphabet. It is suggested for those who do not speak Arabic but want to read the Arabic language and the Quran according to tajweed guidelines. 

What will you Learn in this Course?

  • You will learn to recognize Arabic characters in various shapes and sounds. 
  • You will study Makharij, the Arabic alphabet. 
  • You will learn the fundamental rules of tajweed. 
  • You will learn how to read the Quran with correct pronunciation.
  • You will gain fundamental Islamic knowledge. 

 Quran Tajweed Course

About Quran Tajweed Course

Every Muslim must read the Holy Quran according to Tajweed regulations.Our online Quran Reading Course is designed for children and adults of all ages and genders. 


This course is designed for the students who have just completed Noorani Qaida course and can read Quran but are not fluent in reading and wish to improve their reading skills.The Quran Reading course will provide practice to help students gain confidence when implementing the strategies taught in the Qaida course.

Quran Memorization Course

About Quran Memorization Course

Madina Quran Institute have set up an online Hifz program for children and adults (male and female) with our online Hifz tutors.Our course is suitable for all ages and genders. Some parents believe that memorizing the Quran with the Tajweed rules is extremely tough. 

Obviously, it is not a simple effort, as there are over 6,000 verses in the Quran, but with the help of our qualified online Quran teachers, your child will be able to achieve the goal in a quick and effective way. Your kid has to concentrate on the lesson and it will gradually lead to the final destination.

What will I learn in the Quran Memorization Course?

  • You will learn the entire Quran with exact pronunciation in Arabic accent.
  • Every day, you will be given a new lesson to memorize. 
  • Evaluation of the lesson delivered last week. 
  • Combining all of the previous lessons. 

Quran Translation Course

We developed a Quran translation course for both male and female students who want to learn how to translate the Quran with the help of expert online Quran teachers. Our course is open to all ages and genders. 

Some parents believe that studying translation is quite tough, however this is not the case. It’s quite simple. You simply need to focus on meanings, and it will eventually take you to the end destination.

Islamic Studies for Kids Course

Islam is a religion of peace. It teaches us how to live a good daily life while obeying Allah’s rules. Before being a practicing Muslim, we should understand the basic teachings of Islam.Muslim youngsters should understand what is halal and what is haram so that they can apply it to their lives for the better. We established the Islamic Studies for Kids Course for youngsters who want to learn the basic teachings of Islam. 

All Muslim youngsters must understand the fundamental principles of Islam. How should we live and avoid sin in order to live a pure life? Madina Quran Institute allows a Muslim family to learn the Quran and understand Islam.We offer one-on-one online Islamic tutoring for youngsters. We are accessible from anywhere in the world, and the bulk of our students come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Australia. 

Basic Quran reading classes Online

Reading the Holy Quran requires knowledgeable guidance. Whether you live in New York or another place in the United States, you can take online Quran classes.Online Quran Academy ensures that all of your demands are addressed. Here is the complete guide to reading the Quran online in New York. Let’s have a look at the complete guide to learning the Quran online in New York. 

You can study the Quran in New York. This is made attainable via a professional online Quran academy. Whether you want to memorize Surah Baqarah or master the entire Quran, an online Quran academy can help you. With the most certified and trained tutors, we ensure that you receive the most interactive online Quran courses. 

 Online Quran learning classes for children

Two Types Of Online Quran learning Classes

There are two various types of online Quran learning classes to choose from. We provide online Quran classes for children and adults. Let’s learn more about them..

1) Learn Quran Online class For Kids

The learn Quran online for kids service might be really helpful. In that way, your child can simply learn the Holy Quran from a trained teacher who is an expert at teaching the Holy Quran to “Kids”. 

2) Learn Quran Online For Adults

The Quran courses for adults will help you really like yourself. These online Quran classes in New York allow you to memorize the Quran, practice Tajweed, and learn the Holy Quran through translation. 

Family Discount Package:

Siblings can receive a 20% tuition reduction for their second and third sessions, with fees starting at $3 each session.

Credit, debit, and PayPal are all accepted for the fee. 

Quran Classes Month ly Fee Plans

 Class Type: 1 on 1 Live Classes.

 Class Duration: 30 Minutes each Session.

Classes Plan Classes/Month Fee/Month For 2nd Sibling
5 Classes/Week 20 Classes in Month USD 74 /Month USD 60 /Month
4 Classes/Week 16 Classes in Month USD 62 /Month USD 50 /Month
3 Classes/Week 12 Classes in Month USD 50 /Month USD 40 /Month
2 Classes/Week 08 Classes in Month USD 37 /Month USD 30 /Month