Online live 1 to 1 learning

For a variety of reasons, online Quran courses have become very popular in British Columbia. The platform provides a thorough approach to Quranic instruction by mixing traditional knowledge with modern ease.

Zoom or Skype are used for one-on-one instruction. Using sketching tools and sharing their screens with the class, the professors help the pupils stay focused on the topic. 

From beginners to experts, students of all skill levels can benefit online Quran Classes in British Coulmbia . The ideal learning environment is created by its knowledgeable instructors and user-friendly interface. The lectures cover a variety of topics related to Quranic education while keeping the participants’ attention focused on LSI keywords. 


Learn Quran online from Home

a safe online learning environment created with Muslims wishing to study the Quran at home in mind. Join online Quran Classes in British Coulmbia   to take advantage of affordable learning opportunities and professional coaching for your Quranic studies.

Now, you may take advantage of our online Quran classes from the comfort of your home, wherever you may be in British Columbia. Our skilled instructors make learning fun and efficient by utilizing cutting edge teaching techniques. We offer classes to meet your needs, whether you’re interested in Tajweed, noorani Qaida for beginners, Quranic recitation, or Quranic memorization (Hifz). 

online Quran Classes in British Coulmbia provide reading and instruction on the Quran in more than 70 translations. Our main goal is to make it easier for every Muslim student to learn about Islam and the Quran from knowledgeable online educators. You will see how simple it is to carry out the most significant religious job, which is to study, read, and comprehend the Quran online with the greatest amount of dependability and convenience. You can now learn the Quran online with only a few clicks.


Basic Quran Reading Course

online Quran Classes in British Coulmbia courses on Quran recitation and translation are specifically designed to help students comprehend and recite the Quran. Our live Quran teachers have extensive knowledge and all the necessary tools to support students in comprehending the Quran.  

Quran Reading Course Outline:


  •         Basic Noorani Qaida course
  •         Reading Quran with Tajweed
  •         Quran Memorization Online
  •         Quran Translations
  •         Islamic Studies Course   


Basic Noorani Qaida course

For those who wish to start from the start learning how to read the Quran, Noorani Qaida Online offers a foundational course. All the essential lessons for correctly reciting the Holy Quran are included in this brief course. Beginning with the Arabic alphabet, the Noorani Qaida Course progressively moves students from single letters to linked letters, Arabic phrases, sentences, and the principles of Tajweed. To find out how this course operates and how our knowledgeable tutors teach Qaida to patient children, schedule your FREE trial classes.

Children’s Quran recitation skills increase quickly with this online Noorani Qaida course. Your children will be proficient readers of the Quran in Arabic in no time at all.  

All around the world, Noorani Qaida is considered as an essential component of studying the Quran with Tajweed. Considering that this Qaida includes all of the fundamental guidelines for Tajweed and Quran recital. A learner will have no trouble reciting the Quran with Tajweed once he has mastered Noorani Qaida with the help of Online Quran Tutors.  

 Reading Quran with Tajweed

The primary goal of these courses is to educate students how to correctly pronounce and recite passages from the Quran. In order to accurately read the Quran, students must master the norms of Tajweed.

Following Tajweed guidelines for reading the Quran is crucial. Tajweed-Al-Quran denotes reading the Quran with exactitude and precision. Tajweed itself means proficiency and accuracy.  

Quran Memorization Online

For those who want to commit the entire Quran to memory, there are Hifz courses. In order to learn and remember the verses from the Quran, students collaborate with trained teachers.

This is one more Islamic activity aimed at illuminating the heart with the light of the Quran. Knowing that His person recalls His literature with complete dedication and sincerity makes Allah exceedingly happy.  

Quran Translations

Courses on tafsir go deeply into the interpretation and comprehension of the text of the Quran. Pupils examine the meanings, interpretations, and historical background of verses from the Quran. 

Islamic Studies Course  

For Muslims who wish to learn more about Islam, this course is appropriate. The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with Islamic doctrine as it relates to the Holy Quran. The pillars of Islam, how to do an ablution, how to pray Salah (Namaz),how to perform the Hajj, the significance of Zakat, guidelines for fasting, and other fundamental Islamic mandates and instructions will all be covered. 

Basic Quran reading classes Online

Every Muslim should learn and comprehend the Holy Quran as part of their basic education. With this goal in mind, we have created a beginner’s course that is open to all ages and genders who are eager to study the fundamental lessons found in the Quran. Taking into account that not everyone speaks Arabic well, this course teaches all the fundamentals of reading the Quran. so that at the conclusion of this, every beginner will be prepared to begin their Arabic learning adventure in a way that will positively affect your connection. 

Visit the Online Quran Academy website to sign up for our online Quran classes in Ontario (Brampton), British Columbia (Vancouver), or Alberta (Calgary) and receive a free one-week trial to begin your Quranic journey right now. Our goal is to assist you in strengthening your relationship with the Quran and your comprehension of its lessons. 

Online Quran learning classes for children

Children’s specialized courses are designed to make learning about the Quran interesting and suitable for ages 4 to 12.One of the greatest online resources for teaching the Quran to children is Online Quran Academy. We offer highly reasonable and cost-effective online Quran classes, as well as other Islamic courses, to students worldwide. 

 By employing the most recent technological advancements, we hope to provide the best Quran teaching resources for children of all ages. We founded Online Quran Academy with the goal of reaching out to our Muslim brothers and sisters living in Western nations who lack simple access to Islamic education and offering them the greatest Quran learning platform at their homes.

 One of our most important and unique goals is to educate the next generation of Muslims in the Quran and Islam, free from politics, bigotry, and sectarianism, so that they can contribute to a world at peace and represent Islam as it truly is.