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At Madina Quran Institute, we believe in making learning the Quran accessible and affordable to young ones. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills to learn the Quran thoroughly, and further their understanding of wide-ranging topics.

Learn Quran Online in the USA with our most affordable rates (starting from $30/mo) and 3-day free trials. Embark on this fulfilling journey to learn from our expert teachers (male and female). You can customize your classes online according to your schedule and pace. Through our interactive lessons, Madina Institute’s virtual Quran learning will enable you to grasp Quranic wisdom, history, and guidance fully.

Also! To ensure your satisfaction with reliable virtual Quran learning, we offer a free trial for 3 days. At Madina Quran Institute, we are dedicated to making online Quran learning accessible and affordable to everyone

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Why Study Quran With Us?

The advantages of Learning Quran Online with Madina Quran Institute

Global Reach

Serving all countries of the world including the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia & Canada. We offer Quran lessons round the clock 24/7

Easy Online Payments

Our learning management system keeps a record of schedules, and payments available in your online account

Online Learning System

We have an online learning management system to keep a record of schedules, lessons, complaints and payments.

Individual Quran Classes

We offer live individual classes in with one-on-one learning environment by fully trained teachers of our institute

Evaluation Reports

To ensure highest standards our quality control team monitors teachers and their performance is evaluated every month.

Appraisal Certificate

Course completion certificates are awarded after the successful evaluation of the completed course that is made available.

Testimonials - What Our Students Say

Learn Quran Online in Engaging, Interesting and Effective manner

Quran Student



Teaching style is engaging and the course content is well-organized. Highly recommend to anyone looking to gain valuable skills.

Quran student


United Kingdom

Clear explanations, insightful examples, challenging yet rewarding assignments. Boosted my confidence. Thank you!

Quran Student


United States

Comprehensive materials, prompt feedback, positive and supportive learning environment. Highly recommend.

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